Affiliates Program Terms of Service

I’ve suspended the affiliates program for now due to a lot of spam and poor quality links. I’m deciding whether or not to relaunch it down the line. Stay Tuned!

When you refer new users to (“Sozot”) you’ll receive a percentage of their purchase. When you sign up with the Sozot Affiliate program you receive an affiliate code. Use this code with a simple link or image button on your site and every time a new user clicks it and buys a Sozot product, you will a cut, easy! We can only pay out commissions to those who have a valid PayPal account. It is your responsibility to ensure your PayPal account is valid and able to accept payments from us.

Payouts are only available for sales in which 30 days has lapsed from the time of transaction.

You may only post your affiliate link on pages which you own.

Sending your affiliate link via spam, bulk mail, mailing lists, forum threads, forum posts, online communities or other mass methods is not permitted. Doing so will result in your account being terminated. This really is not cool at all, if you see anyone else doing this please do let us know via

We do not allow affiliates to refer themselves at all. Any incident of this detected is grounds for immediate termination of account.

You cannot purchase ads with your affiliate link for keywords such as “Sozot”, “Andy Sozot”, etc. This does not ad value to Sozot by buying the placement just above ours.

The person clicking on your link must be using cookies for us to track them. If they clear their cookies, the tracking stops. The cookie expires one month after the link has been clicked. If someone clicks your referral link and later clicks someone else’s, your referral code is the one that counts. It doesn’t count if someone has previously visited Sozot and then clicks a referral link.

Sozot reserves the right to modify these terms at any point by posting them on the website.

Above all, use of Sozot referrals is subject to a fair usage policy, which gives the Sozot the right to review any referral.