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BackupBuddy Version

14 August

The good folks at iThemes have released a new version of BackupBuddy: BackupBuddy and it’s available on Sozot for just $25. Existing customers, you can download instantly from your account area.

The Changelog for this version update includes the following: - 2017-08-10 - Dustin Bolton
	Stash Live: Added errors and warnings if adjusted max execution time falls below certain thresholds.
	Stash Live: If adjusted max execution time falls below 5 seconds, including wiggle room buffer, adjust back up to 5 seconds to give things a chance. Throws error.
	Stash Live: 5002 error now logs last send filename that failed and how long ago that was.
	Transient housekeeping cleanup currently capped at 1000 per run as a temporary workaround for high memory usage on sites with massive numbers of transients.

No coupon needed and better than nulled! Get BackupBuddy for just $25.
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