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Pay with Bitcoins

15 July

I’m pleased to announce that you can now pay with bitcoins for purchases on sozot.com. What are bitcoins? Bitcoins are a digital, open source peer-to-peer protocol and currency taking the world by storm. To learn more and get started with bitcoins, there are a lot of good resources at bitcoins.org.

I’ve set up my merchant account through the good folks at bitpay.com and I can say it was very easy from start to finish and only took about a day to get my account up and running. So far I highly recommend their service for merchant accounts. They also provide access to a WooCommerce gateway module that works for product purchases (but not yet for subscriptions, sorry members). I may touch base with the developer to see if he’s able to add support for subscription products.

For existing bitcoins users, you can check your wallet’s compatibility with the bitpay service here https://bitpay.com/bitcoin-compatible-wallets

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