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Plugin & Theme Updates, 04-29-2013

28 April

Hi folks, Just a heads up, I’ve updated a number of themes and plugins this week. You may want to check whether you’re due for an update. Here’s a list of what’s changed: WooCommerce Gravity Forms Add-ons Extension – Version 2.3.3, Released on 2013-04-22 Groups for WooCommerce Extension – Version 1.3.4, Released on 2013-04-27 WooCommerce Catalog Visibility […]

JobRoller 1.7 Update

26 April

The AppThemes team has released a new version of JobRoller: JobRoller 1.7 and it’s available on Sozot for just $10. If you’ve ever wanted to build a jobs board, this is by far the best tool to do so. It now supports custom forms, a recruiter role, and the AppThemes payments framework, with many gateways […]

Remove page numbers from wp_head for post type archives with WordPress SEO

23 April

If you’ve got WordPress SEO enabled this can be a tricky one. Took a while to track down exactly where those /page/2s were being added to my custom post type archive. I removed get_pagenum_link and start_post_rel_link and finally figured out the culprit was WordPress SEO! Just add something like the following to your functions.php // […]

Looking for a WordPress Subscription Plugin? You Likely Need Several Plugins

21 April

Many of you have asked how to quickly set up a premium WordPress subscription membership site that supports limiting access to content for paying subscribers. The fastest way to go, without doing any programming or hiring a developer is to use a combination of free and premium WordPress tools. In this How To, I’ll quickly […]

How to Hook Into WooCommerce to Trigger Something After an Order is Placed

14 April

It could be anything, but if you’re offering a service of some kind, rather than a simple downloadable product, you may need to trigger something to happen when an order is complete. Here’s a simple snippet illustrating how you can add an action to woocommerce_payment_complete. Add something like the following to your functions.php. You’ll need […]