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Plugin & Theme Updates, 08-17-2013

18 August

The following WooCommerce Extension updates are now available: WooCommerce Follow Up Emails Version 2.5.5, Released on 2013-08-15 WooCommerce Stripe Gateway Version 1.5.14, Released on 2013-08-12 WooCommerce Points and Rewards Version 1.0.3, Released on 2013-08-12 WooCommerce USPS Shipping Version 3.2.5, Released on 2013-08-12 WooCommerce Subscriptions Version 1.3.11, Released on 2013-08-15 WooCommerce Gateway Version 2.0.8, Released […]

Plugin & Theme Updates, 08-06-2013

06 August

Hi folks, Bunch of updates have been pushed up to themes and plugins during the past few weeks. Always a good idea to check if you’re due for an update. Here’s a list of what’s changed: Groups for WooCommerce Extension Version 1.4.1, Released on 2013-08-06 WooCommerce USPS Shipping Version 3.2.3, Released 2013-08-04 WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing […]

Pay with Bitcoins

15 July

I’m pleased to announce that you can now pay with bitcoins for purchases on What are bitcoins? Bitcoins are a digital, open source peer-to-peer protocol and currency taking the world by storm. To learn more and get started with bitcoins, there are a lot of good resources at I’ve set up my merchant […]

Brand Names for WooCommerce

12 July

One of the features sorely lacking from the core WooCommerce functionality is the ability to assign a brand name to a product. This type of functionality is pretty much a baseline requirement for any store featuring a lot of brands. That’s where the WooCommerce Brands Extension comes in handy. Quickly and easily maintain a list […]

JobRoller 1.7.1 Update

11 July

The AppThemes team has released a new version of JobRoller and it’s responsive! JobRoller 1.7.1. You can get it on Sozot for just $15. If you’ve ever wanted to build a jobs board, this is by far the best tool to do so. It now supports responsive layout meaning your visitors can participate in your […]